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AppsBeam – Your apps at a glance !

Apps-Beam – Your apps at a glance !

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Apps-Beam is possibly the easiest & simplest app manager ! A time saving application !

See instantly all your apps at a glance and manage them directly and instantly (launch, share, informations, rate, uninstall), without scrolling …and scrolling and coming back and forth… !

You can even launch applications at random if you don’t want to choose one in particular or want to experience randomness !

Apps-Beam displays in a unique large  grid tiny icons of your apps so that you can quickly access to all of them, in the blink of an eye; just click on an app to launch it and long click to share, uninstall, see information, rate on the market (with predefined custom comments for each vote to make things even easier ! see the settings to configure).


√ Fullscreen launcher
√ See all your apps at a glance, instantly, without scrolling …and scrolling (90+ apps can be displayed in a regular screen)
√ Manage the applications directly: launch, share, rate in the market, see information, uninstall
√ Launch one of your application at random and see notification bar to launch another one again …at random !
√ Predefined custom comments for each vote (market): the default text is copied (see settings), then just paste it when you rate an app
√ Apps listed in alphabetical order by default…change in settings to experience !
√ Detect at launch when apps list has changed and update itself !

√ Change background color ! (see settings)
√ Overall: Time saving !
Just put the icon of Apps-Beam on your home screen and enjoy with this new application manager concept !
~ example of use ~

(1)Launch Was-xyz app;

-before: “click on launcher/scroll…and scroll/click on app” … I should create a shortcut for this Was-xyz app…
-now: “click on Apps-Beam/click on app” …and bam ! …don’t need to create this shortcut…finally.
(2)See an application information or uninstall it;

-before (5 steps + waiting): “homescreen Menu/Settings/Application/Manage applications + wait a little/click on app”
-now (3 steps + instantly !): just “click on Apps-Beam icon/long click app/information” …and bam !
(3)Don’t know what to launch, what app to play with…coffee break;

-before: “home launcher/scroll forth and coming/thinking twice/click on app”
-now: “click on Apps-Beam icon/menu/random app/” …and bam ! …I had this app before ? coool !

… again ? see notification bar and click on gridApps icon to be even faster !
(4) “Cool app. What i was looking for. Thanks !”: comment 4 stars for a favorite app;

-before: “market app/search+text or menu/my apps/click on app/thinking, writing/post”
-now (predefined custom comments): “Apps-Beam app/long click on app/share/paste default text/post” …bam !

Sapiens – Human evolution available in the Android Market (1.0)

Sapiens for “Human evolution” 1.0 is now available in the Android Market ! (Link)

With Sapiens discover human History with the human evolution frieze at your fingertips !

See more than 80 fossils of ancestors from 7 millions years old to recent human species (sapiens sapiens) …in your palm.

Sapiens brings a piece of archaeology, paleontology, anthropology and world History with an easy tool: your mobile phone.
Become a hunter with our timeline frieze to see overlapping temporal range between extinct species and coexisting species.

See genus from homini, Australopithecus, Paranthopus, to proto-humans and humans !


  • more than 80 fossils available (…bones, skulls, skeleton and more coming soon) !
  • zoom on images to see details
  • time range bar to select a time interval for species (e.g. discover co-existing species ! Click search icon)
  • define manually a time interval to refine the range bar (click on editable date text)
  • long click on an item to search for coexisting species (same temporal range)
  • quick search within temporal range, scientific classification, species, dates, location, discovery, measures …and see items as you type, instantly !
  • offline informations from multiple sources; offline navigation once items retrieved (all images available on our website or on demand if connexion issues)

…and more features are incoming !

See fossils of Handy man (homo habilis), Workman (ergaster), Heidelberg Man, Lantian man (erectus), Peking man (erectus), Neanderthal man, Rhodesian man, Hobbit (floresiensis), Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis), Abel (bahrelghazali), Taung child (africanus), Black skull (paranthropus aethiopicus), Flat-faced man (kenyanthropus platyops), Toumaï (Sahelanthropus tchadensis), Ardi (ardipithecus).

Contact us for any suggestions, ideas, issues.

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