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With Colorsica, play with colors and music notes at the same time, Stroop effect and chromesthesia combined !

Quickly identify correct association between color and written color name (Stroop effect), while hearing music note note (chromesthesia, a color to sound synesthesia, for easy and medium level).

2 modes available : classic (name in color) and color square (filled square and color name).

86 colors available : 12 for Easy level (with sound), 30 for Medium level (with sound), 60 for Hard level and 86 for Insane mode !

Timed sessions of 30 to 60s allows to evaluate yourself !
There are sessions without time to train yourself.

Available stats allow to assess your progress or your confusion state !
Test yourself at different moments of the day (morning, late night) to see the differences in graphs for different levels !

Hack your brain with this colors and sounds game and see your statistics and progress for each level !

Some features :
→ 86 colors : match colors and color names (Stroop effect)
→ 4 levels : Easy and Medium with sound, Hard and Insane
→ Sound association with colors for Easy and Medium levels (chromesthesia : sound to color synesthesia) !
→ Timed sessions to evaluate yoursef and sessions without timer for training
→ Statistics to see your progress with 60 seconds sessions


main_color_square main_colors_medium main_choose_level main_stats


Get the app in Google Play Store :…

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