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Art Game


Art Game is an innovative art game application to learn and discover artworks with pleasure and entertainment with thousands available artworks in your pocket !



Become a hunter and find all requested artworks and paintings for a given artist among many others. Search for artworks by Botticelli, Leonardo Da Vinci, Vermeer, Cezanne, Delacroix, Gauguin, Klimt, Michelangelo and many others.
Identify the authors of greatest portraits, still-lifes, landscapes, figures and gardens through thousands of artworks, ranging from mannerism, renaissance, baroque, rococo, academicism, romanticism, realism, impressionism.

Learn more about a given work with built in informations about each masterpiece and see awesome vie and details by downloading the higher resolution picture. The artwork is automatically saved in ergsap/ergsart/mdpi folder.

Click on the folder icon to see downloaded artworks for the given artist to have quick access to aldready played galleries.
The current database propose you to discover 7000 artworks, and it is improving !

Art Game is an educative art game to learn easily famous artworks for greatest artists.

All data are available offline once retrieved, no need data connection to apreciate these artworks !

Art Hunting Game  Art Hunting Game Art Hunting Game Art Hunting Game

→ Main features:
♦ Huge database with 7000 available artworks to discover with entertainment
■ Paintings, sculptures, drawings or even sketches and details of artworks from many great masters like Monet, Caravaggio and Degas, Vinci, Gauguin, Klimt, Michelangelo, Modigliani Rembrandt, Renoir, Van Gogh or Vermeer and more !
■ Several art movements like impressionism, baroque, realism or romanticism and renaissance

♦ See details of any artworks (high resolution views for many artworks)
♦ Set as wallpaper any masterpiece
♦ Share your favorite artworks with your friends or on popular social networks : the high resolution of the painting is choosen for attachment if aldready downloaded, otherwise the thumbnail is attached
♦ Choose your favorite artist for the challenge or le the application choose one at random
♦ Automatic grid size to fit to the screen of your device; you can also adjust manually to match your needs


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Art Hunting GameArt Hunting Game Art Hunting Game Art Hunting Game Art Hunting Game Art Hunting Game

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