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Apps-Beam – Your apps at a glance !


→→Privacy policy:  we have integrated social interaction in 1.2 release of AppsBeam in order to enhance discovery possibilities. You can opt out this possibility directly in the application settings (menu/settings/uncheck “social activities”). The social layer is possible in AppsBeam (comments on apps ) with the API provided by GetSocialize team with their privacy policy that applies to AppsBeam and consequently to AppsBeam users and that can be found here: link. AppsBeam users can opt out these available features directly in the application and have the choice to use third party credentials (Single Sign On feature) to use comment features implemented in AppsBeam.


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Apps-Beam is possibly the easiest & simplest app manager ! A time saving application !

See instantly all your apps at a glance and manage them directly and instantly (launch, share, informations, rate, uninstall), without scrolling …and scrolling and coming back and forth… A time saving app !

You can even launch applications at random if you don’t want to choose one in particular or want to experience randomness !

Apps-Beam displays on a large grid, tiny icons of your apps so that you can quickly access to all of them, in the blink of an eye; just click on an app to launch it and long click to share, uninstall, see information, bookmark, hide, rate on the market (with predefined custom comments to make it even easier !).



√ Fullscreen launcher
√ See all your apps at a glance, instantly, without scrolling …and scrolling (90+ apps can be displayed in a regular screen)
√ Apps listed in alphabetical order by default…change in settings to experience !
√ Detect at launch when apps list has changed and update itself !
√ single click: launch
√ long click: share, rate in the market, bookmark, hide, see information, uninstall
√ Multiple selection to hide/bookmark/share (useful for recommendations)
√ Share all your bookmarked apps (long click from bookmarks panel)
√ Launch one of your application at random and see notification bar to launch another one again …at random !
√ Launch at random from your bookmarked apps ! (set in settings)
√ Rate an app with predefined custom comments
√ Search on the web for more information

√ Fullscreen
√ Choose background color (see settings: slide on color picker and push colored disk in the middle)
√ Custom icon size from tiny…really tiny to large 150px icons: see instantly the rendering and save your preference
√ Custom size for bookmarks panel (choose a size with the slider;back;open bookmarks;save size;that’s all !)
√ Time saving !


Just put the icon of Apps-Beam on your home screen and enjoy with this new application manager concept !
~ example of use ~

(1)Launch Was-xyz app;

-before: “click on launcher/scroll…and scroll/click on app” … I should create a shortcut for this Was-xyz app…
-now: “click on Apps-Beam/click on app” …and bam ! …don’t need to create this shortcut…finally.
(2)See an application information or uninstall it;

-before (5 steps + waiting): “homescreen Menu/Settings/Application/Manage applications + wait a little/click on app”
-now (3 steps + instantly !): just “click on Apps-Beam icon/long click app/information” …and bam !
(3)Don’t know what to launch, what app to play with…coffee break;

-before: “home launcher/scroll forth and coming/thinking twice/click on app”
-now: “click on Apps-Beam icon/menu/random app/” …and bam ! …I had this app before ? coool !

… again ? see notification bar and click on gridApps icon to be even faster !
(4) “Cool app. What i was looking for. Thanks !”: comment 4 stars for a favorite app;

-before: “market app/search+text or menu/my apps/click on app/thinking, writing/post”
-now (predefined custom comments): “Apps-Beam app/long click on app/share/paste default text/post” …bam !


  1. Dan permalink

    Excellent ! Exactly the kind of applications we all need and love . The real of Android system. Thanx developpers, GREAT job !

    • Thanks for your encouragements ! As we first found these apps useful for us, we hope they will be so for some of you 😉 A lot of works remain to do to make it smoother, speedier, smarter … we’re working on.

  2. Dan permalink

    correction :
    (the real…) “MEANING” (..of Android system.)

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