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Sketch Artist – Draw on Painting

August 31, 2016



Get SketchArtist in the Google Play Store :


Discover and learn by drawing on greatest artworks collections and your photos!


SketchArtist is an innovative art drawing app for art-lovers.

Learn drawing, sketching from examples with thousands of famous artworks from Art Gallery (60 000 paintings available), in your pocket !

Draw and paint on your photos or pictures to reproduce them and share with your friends.

Discover the famous artworks like The Joconde from Da Vinci or masterpieces from Dutch painter Vermeer, impressionist artists Degas or Klimt, Gauguin, Cezanne at a glance and copy/draw on these artworks !

From watercolors, drawings, sketches to oil paintings, portraits, landscapes … explore and learn Art.
Edit a photo or an artwork from our art gallery collection and themes then learn skills by drawing on them !

Rotate, zoom on images to fit your needs and details level then start drawing.

Adjust background opacity to vary difficulties and learn progressively !
Main features:
▷ Draw on any photos, pictures or fineart classical paintings (portraits, drawings, sketches, landscapes… from hundreds of artists like Da Vinci, Vangogh, Rembrandt, Monet, Renoir, Vermeer, Cezanne…)
▷ Browse and search artworks from art gallery
▷ Zoom, rotate images
▷ Share paintings and drawings
Happy sketching !







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